Ego or the God-dess?

It was my birthday yesterday.  71.  Egads, 71, I think.  Fondly of course, still grateful for the aspects of this life that present opportunity, love, contribution.  Although the body is in revolt, with good reason considering the years I assaulted it with poisons out to kill me, my mind releases me from the kind of guilt that would otherwise keep me from glowing and growing.

Appreciate every day, every hardship, every blessing, every enemy, friend, and most importantly, Truth as you find your way to it.  Whether God or God-dess, wisdom is everywhere.

Communication is a tricky skill.  I've learned that if wanting to, or making sure that someone understands what you're saying preceeds you knowing what it is you need to say, then trouble ensues.  It's a dance, this language we use.  Especially in conversation where needs and expectancies are conveyed.  One step out of step and someone's feet gets hurt. 

All I know is how to best convey a truth, an experience, a feeling, or a question.  Sometimes I get a response that mirrors my intent, and then sometimes I don't.  Often people don't hear you when you speak because it's not what they want to hear, and if they don't receive what they espect,  they'll argue until they get you there.

The answer of course is knowing yourself, what you need and what you don't need, and being able to express that clearly without investment in either validation or agreement.

Not an easy thing to navigate sometimes, knowing yourself.  We do need each other in order to see who we really are, not by their projections, but because of them.  Coming home to what's true for us and what's not ( and I've got my own set of bruises in communicating skewed intentions)  by vascillating or submitting or diminishing words to get a certain response is a manipulation, and never worked.  It was a fraudulent and unsatisfying way to impart my knowingness.

Say what you mean, mean what you say.  Just don't be mean.  Works every time....for me anyway.  Not always for others.   

Once upon a time there was an infant who came into this world feet first kicking and screaming. 

This thought came from nowhere, wondering in this moment where these thoughts are stored and how they surface when the mind goes blank and screens for inspiration.

Inspiration is our mental cursor.  It's always streaming and moving around and searching for data, instincts, senses, images and noises for some synapse to fire.

My synapses are refiring inspirations these days.  Thus begins this blog.

It's my hope you'll follow and comment as "inspired"...... 

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02.06 | 13:47

You have tremendous wisdom and experiences that we can all learn from.

09.10 | 13:30

Please link with us on FB Sisters of the Sacred.
We love your work !!
Bless *'*

16.07 | 12:52

I like the page. Lot's of good insight to give women of all ages.

19.01 | 09:00
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